How do I start blogging?

Yesterday I signed up for wordpress and started a blog. That’s the easy part! Now I’m wondering what to do with it. Questions come up; Do I have something to say that other people will like to read? Will I be able to post on a regular basis? Will I get bored and stop after the first enthusiasm is gone? How do I get followers/readers? Will this help my business or is it more of a timeconsuming hobby? Bottomline: Is blogging for me?

So, I googled some posts on what it takes to become a succesful blogger.

Passion. First thing I found out is that to be a succesful blogger, you have to be passionate about something, so you don’t get bored writing about it. So this takes some soulsearching to find out where my true passion is coming from. I have many interests, and I’m easily enthusiastic about new things. But a passion comes from deep within. When does time stop for me? When am I engaged in doing things I absolutely love doing? What things would I keep doing, even when I don’t get paid for doing them? Or what would I do, if I had all the money in the world? The answer for me, it’s about learning and creating ideas and experiences to engage other people in learning and growing. I’m a learner by doing. Like starting a blog before thinking about what the content should be…:-)

Like writing, write regurlarly and be able to write clearly. Well, I keep diaries my whole life. I used to love to write traveldiaries, and I sometimes practise automatic writing, so this is a yes. I could motivate myself on the regular part with an audacious goal. Like post one learning experience each day, because a day without learning is a day without paying attention.

Find your niche. I’m not sure about this one. Time has to tell if my personal learning stories are of value to readers. I like to create awareness that learning can be done anywhere, anytime. As long as you put your learningmind to work and make meaning out of experiences you have. And a learningmind is something that I have, and I’m sure a lot of other people have too. I hope my blog will become interactive with readers that will share their learning experiences with me, to inspire others to look at life’s mysterious ways as a learninggame. Maybe I should rename the blog from “the learning mind” to “life is a learninggame” or “play the learninggame”. What do you think?

Work actively on growing your audience. Have to learn this one.

Well, I will give it a go and see what happens. Every new thing is a learningopportunity…

With enthusiasm,

Annemarie Steen

One response to “How do I start blogging?

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    love Ingeborg

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