What childhood dream is still present in your daily life?

When I was a child, I remember watching an animated childrensprogram on tv. It was about a pelican with a big mouth. Whenever there was a problem, he carried everything he needed in his beak. I found this a facinating thought and decided to create something alike. From a carton box I built sort of a robotsuit for myself, with my arms sticking out. In the suit I would put all kinds of handy stuff to carry with me, like scissors, tape, rope, pens, paper, extra cloths, something to eat, etc. I felt I could deal with every possible situation that would occur and that felt very good (ignoring the fact that walking around in a box looks a bit silly).

In high school I bought my first hiking backpack, and often it was just standing in my room, packed and ready to go. When I was 17, I made my first independent of my parents trip with my cousin, to France & Spain. This went very well and a year later we went to Egypt and Israël. Since then, I loved to travel with my backpack, sometimes for months at a time. Everything I needed was in my backpack, and that felt good.

A couple of years ago I bought my dreamcar, an old Mercedes Campervan (1983). In it, two double beds (after doing some rearranging), a little fridge, cooking possibility, even a small toilet/shower space, lots of little cupboards to put in my handy stuff and clothing in, and best of all, I can drive it to wherever I like. Eventhough I bump my head regularly, it is very small livingspace for 3 people (my family) and the car starts to seriously show rusty signes of old age…I feel totally happy with it. I can carry around all the stuff that I need to deal with every possible situation…like my childhood cartonrobotbox.

What childhooddream is still present in your daily life?

With enthusiasm,


6 responses to “What childhood dream is still present in your daily life?

  1. Once upon a time, many, many years ago I wanted to become a criminal lawyer. Never did happen. Good for you, following your childhood dream. You’ve given me something to think about, seriously. Do I too often use my age as an excuse and say it’s too late for this and that?

    • Hi Kathleen, thank you for your comment. A lot of us don’t become what we wanted to become when we were children (every child wants to become a famous dancer, singer, doctor or fireman), but you could think of the reason why you wanted to become a criminal lawyer. What’s behind this profession that attracts you? Maybe it is helping out others, or you have a strong sense of justice… These things can be integrated in your life, without actually having to become a criminal laywer (which is ofcourse also an option).

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t think of one. Hmmm, time to change that I think!

  3. I love this question and it made me sit back and think! Two came to mind easily! One – work with animals – still a dream, and two – write! Well this is the outcome – I have wonderful pets and paint animals on rocks. My childhood dream of being like Dian Fossi or Jane Goodall hasn’t happened but now I look forward to getting older and having time to volunteer at a zoo (not close to that yet but its my adjusted dream!). As for writing! That is alive and well, has even happened on a small scale!

  4. My dream, at age 5, was to own a greenhouse, a big greenhouse, filled with geranium cuttings and other early Spring finds that people will buy from me, to make their yards and houses beautiful and filled with wonderful, fresh dirt fragrances. Nearing retirement now, it may be a small greenhouse, but I’m almost there!

  5. My childhood dream was to be who I am now. It actually happened.

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