TEDxTallaght I What happens when you press PLAY I Annemarie Steen

From Playing the Game of Seriousness, it’s now time for playing a different game: The Game of SeriousLESS…and to allow and welcome our authentic and playful selves to come back to the surface. Not only at home, but especially at work. Besides the fact that this will increase our mental health and sense of well-being, it will also bring us vital lifeskills to deal with today’s fast changing and complex world.

You’re welcome to join my playful community to get updates, inspiration and resources on Playfulness & Playful Learning.

Playfully yours,

Annemarie Steen

3 responses to “TEDxTallaght I What happens when you press PLAY I Annemarie Steen

  1. Congratulations and also Mazel Tov. Playing games at a TED talk? You must be in your mind (as opposed to out of). Brave lass. Great message. Play on!

  2. Reblogged this on Talent and commented:
    Over de verbindende kracht van (met elkaar) spelen.

  3. Gefeliciteerd! Leuk gedaan Annemarie! 🙂

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