About Annemarie

Hi, Welcome to my blog “Serious about Playfulness”.

I’m Annemarie Steen, based in the Netherlands. I am a speaker, a designer and facilitator of playful learning experiences. I love to learn and I love to engage other people into playful and experiential learning. Why? Because learning can be fun. Learning can be done anywhere, anytime. And if you add play to learning. Play connects. Play makes you happy. Play gets your creative mind going.  All things that we need more than ever in de organization of the 21th century.

I love to travel and connect and work with inspiring people. So don’t hesitate to contact me. My website: www.steentrain.com

I’m working with several business partners. Currently as faculty with THNK – School of Creative Leadership (Amsterdam), as guest lecturer for MBA students at the Estonian Business School (Tallinn), as partner and facilitator with Delivering Delight (Singapore). I’m member of the Applied Improvisation Network.

Playfully yours,


TEDx (Dublin 2014)

6 responses to “About Annemarie

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  3. You do cool stuff. 😃


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