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Leaving your comfortzone gets you energized.

ImageLast week it was April’s foolsday. A good friend of mine decided after 20 years of being a housepainter, to start a career as an artist. Next week he wants to open his atelier/galerie (at his house in the city center of Eindhoven). To attract attention to this opening, he came up with an April’s foolsjoke. He asked four of his female friends to sit behind the windows as prostitutes, with red lights on, so it looked a lot like Amsterdam. Ofcourse his friends felt a little strange about it, but also saw a good joke in this, so they agreed. And they did attract a lot of attention from passing cars, bycicles and pedestrians.

After 1 hour the police came to stop the whole thing, and they couln’t appreciate the joke. The next day there was an article about it in the local newspaper, so mission accomplished for my friend.

Why do I want to share this story with you?

Well, for starters it shows that a creative idea can get you free publicity.

But, for me the thing that got me writing about this, was the energy of the girls after their experience.

I didn’t see the girls sit behind the window (unfortunately I was too late), but I met them later in a bar. The energy of the four women was very high and they were almost radiating. The reason for this was that they did something that was outside of their comfortzone, a little scary, but they did it anyway. Stretching their comfortzone apparantly generated lots of energy.

I see this same thing happening with people in trainingsituations. The one’s who dare themselves to leave their save comfortzone…”I’m afraid, but I’m gonna do it anyway”…learn the most and get really energized from the experience.

Wish you many out of your comfortzone experiences!!

And please share them as a comment on this post. What was your OUT OF MY COMFORTZONE moment? Did you feel energized?

With enthusiasm,

Annemarie Steen

Here is the article from the dutch newspaper: Vervelend staartje dreigt voor 1-aprilgrap – Eindhoven Stad – Regio – ED