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Make your passwords work for you!


Do you have many different passwords to remember and type in when you log in somewhere? Well, I do. At first I found this annoying, and tried to make it easier by clicking on ‘remember me’ to make the login proces go automatically. Untill I wanted to login from a different computer, and all of a sudden I didn’t know my password anymore and I had to go through a forgotten password procedure. I even had to go to my bankoffice to get a new password. Not fun!

So, I thought of a solution to 1. remember my passwords more easily and 2. to make the whole process a little more fun and meaningful. This is what I did…

I changed my passwords into something meaningful for me personally. Something that would give me energy, words that focus me on a goal I have, words that work as affirmation, words that inspire me or words that relate to the account I have to sign in.

For example:

To create an attitude of gratitude, your password could be something like: grateful3 (so you think of 3 things that you’re grateful for, everytime you log in)

To keep your focus on a salestarget, you can choose a password like: over50

Are you in service, you can choose something like: clienthappy

If your computer asks to remember your password, ofcourse you say no. It’s more fun and effective if you have to type it everytime you log in.

With enthusiasm,

Annemarie Steen (1nsp1repeople)