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To Be or to Wannabe, that’s the question

Last week I attended a 3 day seminar with Neale Donald Walsch, author of the bestselling Conversation with God books. An insight that stuck with me, was his question;

What are you trying to BE, while you do what you do? All of our actions, big or small, are an effort in BEing something. So why do you wear the clothes you wear, why are you doing the work you do, why are you having the friends you have. What does this say about who you are trying to BE? So why am I writing this blogpost? I am trying to BE of value, sharing my insights, trying to BE inspirational, trying to sound full of wisdom 🙂

Most of us are living our lives from the paradigm of HAVE – DO – BE

What do I want/need to have? For instance a diploma of some sort, to be able to DO a job that matches this diploma, in order to BE succesful or happy or rich or worthy, etc. Instead, life works the other way around. We got the paradigm backwards.

Life works from the paradigm of BE – DO – HAVE. After all, we are not Human Doings, but Human Beings.

Be the change. We have freedom of choice to express and experience whatever states of BEing we like. Choose one or two states of BEING that you wish to experience and start expressing them. From there you will get inspiration for DOing things that are in alignment with this state of BEing and this will result in HAVE’s that match.

How to find your desired states of BEing? First ask yourself this question often. What am I trying to BE now, and now, and now? Secondly, finish the question; I’m feeling most joyful, energized and fulfilled, when I am BEING…Thirdly, look at the contrast in your life. Take the opposite of what you don’t want to experience (anymore).

What about not believing that you ARE this BEing already, even without DOing anything. Start your days with the intention of BEing in this state of BEing and see what happens from there. Good Luck!

Lots of Love,